THE BEST AMERICAN ARCHITECTS + DESIGNERS: A Book Celebrating Top Residential Designs

An insightful collection spanning the country's top talents in architecture and design.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves: the introduction of Structure + Design: Signature work by leading architects and interior designers—a recently published collection by Panache Partners spotlighting 50 acclaimed American architects, designers and builders of which we are proudly one—encapsulates our ethos at JLF Architects.

Balance, movement, proportion, rhythm: Design is artistry built for people’s lives. The   undeniably human element of architecture and design is a two-way street and only the best-of-the-best master the balance of communication, collaboration, and creativity. To extract the essence of a homeowner’s personality, how he or she lives their everyday lives, architects and designers must embark on a journey of discovery and partnership with the owner. The process requires knowledge of multiple disciplines, enthusiasm to persevere overtime, the keen ability to innovate with new technology and methods, and communicate with myriad personalities. At times arduous, and other surprising, each project demands that the architect, designer, builder and the rest of the carefully curated team pour their energy into transforming imagination into reality.

Amen. By starting with such a wise quartet of qualities—balance, movement, proportion and rhythm”—Structure + Design sets a high bar for the diverse yet insightful projects featured within its 350 pages. From a beachside estate in North Carolina to an Old World estate in Tennessee and our very own Creamery reconstruction in Jackson, WY, the tome highlights the principals of aesthetic harmony across a spectrum of styles and sites. Such insight translates into widely-applicable inspiration for all types of creative professionals. As Frank Lloyd Wright once said (and so aptly quoted in the opening pages of the book):

All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable.

ABOUT JLF ARCHITECTS: Building timeless structures rooted in eloquence and elegance, Jackson- and Bozeman-based JLF Architects sources authentic materials and regional solutions to create place-based houses reflective of their contexts, whether that be the Rocky Mountains or the Eastern Seaboard. Our award-winning portfolio features inspired custom designs achieved through a genuine alliance with Big-D Signature, built over 17 years of collaboration. Our streamlined process unites passionate architects with dedicated builders to enable the collective imagination of visionary artisans working with visionary clients. For more information, visit www.JLFArchitects.com.
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