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JLF Architects has forged a masterful team of passionate architects and dedicated builders. Framed by trust and respect, the JLF design process empowers all involved in the pursuit of perfection: From the JLF architects who draw upon their decades spent designing treasured residences steeped in place to Big-D Signature, which translates the firm’s commercial credentials into custom residential solutions. This collaborative process makes dreamers out of everyone: architects, builders, and clients.

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Luxury residences refined by craftsmanship

Architecture would remain a conceptual art if not for master craftsmen. Channeling the ardor of medieval guilds, our custom designs grow from the finely-tuned alignment of artisans. Only by building our process on collaboration and trust rather than conflict can we achieve our goals of mastery and refinement. Our award-winning team is unified in vision and values, ready to realize every detail of your dream house: A lodge door and frame as deftly crafted as a clock dial, a Montana barn as patiently plotted as a cathedral.  

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We are meticulous for you. Consummate artisans, we approach the design-build process as a constant state of critique, ever evaluating and reevaluating our consideration of the design and its details. No aspect—whether complex or simple—escapes our continued examination. Beneath every custom element lies a history of learning: of refined techniques refined by experience, of insight gained through practice. We hold degrees from top design programs. We’ve worked our way up through the industry ranks, earning our roles by earning the respect of our peers. We pursue ongoing training and professional development; we study and reflect. We invent custom solutions on a daily basis. We believe in design innovation and technology. Our architectural bar is never set; it’s ever rising.

JLF Architects Bozeman Montana Jackson Wyoming
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Driven to achieve our collective best

Our custom designs become greater than the sum of their parts, greater still than the residential dreams that seeded them. A leap of faith sets it all in motion; you place your confidence in us, and we, in turn, channel our experience into manifesting your personal vision. Synched in ambition, together we establish an ethos of complete freedom to be our best selves and do our best work. This trust—made possible by true collaboration—ultimately takes on profound meaning, elevating itself through presence of place. 

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JLF Architects Design Build Firm Montana


The work reflects how well our design-build process works. We built trust before we built our alliance as architects, designers and builders. And now our collaboration benefits you.

As a team, we know everyone will act in the best interest of you and your project. We serve as the single source of responsibility and accountability for the entire residential project. We are a group of doers: we work hard, we get our hands dirty, we take responsibility for our designs and actions. Reliant on land, we respect our place in the world; we use resources wisely.

As contextual architects, we live and work by our vision and values: We believe in cost control, design integrity and construction quality. We believe in acting on dreams, as we did by forming JLF Architects.

JLF Architects Bozeman Montana Jackson Wyoming


Our designs thus become greater than the sum of their parts, greater still than the dreams that seeded them. A leap of faith sets it all in motion; you place your confidence in us, and we, in turn, channel our experience into manifesting your imaginings. Synched in ambition, together we establish an ethos of complete freedom to be our best selves and do our best work. This trust made possible by true collaboration, ultimately takes on profound meaning, elevating life itself through presence of place.

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“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” Johannes Brahms


Our history hewn by place and experience. JLF began in a log farmhouse on the banks of the Yellowstone River nearly four decades ago. An authentic setting for authentic work. The buildings Paul Bertelli and Jonathan L. Foote built blended into the Montana landscape as if grown from the sites themselves, framed by salvaged century-old barn timbers and floorboards. Though the scope and scale of the firm has grown, the core values remain the same: honesty of materials, respect for regional context, deference to scale, commitment to comfort, and allegiance to simplicity. Reclaimed wood and stacked stone remain hallmarks of JLF designs, although now, contemporary intrusions of steel and glass add contrast. Still, a sophisticated sparsity pervades, a serenity felt, not forced.

JLF Architects Design Build Firm Montana

“We pushed the design beyond the sole idea of a mountain retreat, giving it regional context and anchoring it in the past.”- PAUL BERTELLI, Partner/Design Principal, JLF Architects

Paul joined Jonathan L. Foote in 1979, a move that melded his passion for pristine place with his academic achievements in architecture and environmental design at Boston Architectural Center and Montana State University. After two decades of working with Jonathan, Paul purchased the firm with Partners Logan Leachman and Ashley Sullivan.  The partnership has grown since. Committed to the Bozeman community, he currently serves as a trustee of the Montana State University School of Architecture, an advisory board member/founding trustee of the Yellowstone Business Partnership, and on the advisory board of the Yellowstone Park Foundation; past service includes a term on the Museum of the Rockies board. When not practicing architecture, Paul can be found fly-fishing pristine waters, skiing the steep slopes of Bridger Bowl and Big Sky, cooking gourmet meals paired with fine wines, or hiking front country trails with his wife Jillian and stepdaughter Amelie.

JLF Architects Design Build Firm Montana

“Our goal is to not surprise clients. We give them the tools to make informed decisions ahead of time.” – LOGAN LEACHMAN,  Partner, JLF Architects

Logan began his career in 1992, under the resolute leadership of Jonathan Foote. Upon his mentor’s retirement in 2000, Logan joined Paul as Partners and Founding Members of JLF & Associates. A driving force behind many of the firm’s most successful projects, Logan initiated many of the design-build methods JLF practices today, an integrated process he continues to champion and refine alongside his other responsibilities overseeing design, project management, company policy, and corporate analytics. Logan studied architecture at Western Kentucky University, where he met his wife Jamie. Together, they moved west. He loves having raised his three children in Montana, immersed in the outdoors. Beyond job sites, he enjoys traveling around the world usually with his bike in tow. At home, he spends his free time skiing in the mountains and gardening. He takes pride in his daughter Morgan’s decision to study architecture after interning at JLF, carrying on his passion for beautiful, responsible design.

JLF Architects Design Build Firm Montana

“I am proud of what I do, and of the honesty that we all bring to the table. I want to give the clients their expectations in the best way possible.” – ASHLEY SULLIVAN

Ashley’s design-build background began with Samuel “Sambo” Mockbee’s legendary Rural Studio: her first year with the program as an architecture student at Auburn University found her building a hay bale house, an experience that instilled in her a profound respect for clients’ needs, place-based design, and craft. Then as now, she continues to cultivate her design-build expertise by working closely with her partners and fellow artisans. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, she has formed her own hybrid style, folding her Southern charm into the relaxed Mountain West lifestyle. Ever inspired by nature, she can often be found rafting the Yellowstone river, making turns at Bridger Bowl or Big Sky, or backpacking in the Absaroka-Bear tooth ranges. Beyond her Montana home, she embraces the expansive mindset of travel. Friends and family know her best as a lively conversationalist, a lover of laughter and inspiration.

JLF Architects Design Build Firm Montana


Like the backstory scrolling behind the opening credits of an 80s movie, John’s personal history captures the scrappy ambition coursing through the Rocky Mountain West: Raised in a small mining/farming community in southeastern Idaho, he studied architecture at Montana State University, and began his career in Jackson, Wyoming. After two short years and a chance meeting with some JLF employees, he began working for JLF & Associates in 1997. Over the years, he has grown from a green intern to trusted Partner, helping expand the company’s resume of diverse projects and satisfied clients. In everything he does, he strives to surpass the client’s expectations and help mold a bright, enduring future for JLF. John is a devoted husband, loving father of two daughters, and obsessive fly-fisherman of the incredible waters of Montana and the world.

JLF Architects Design Build Firm Montana


A Vermont native, Jake migrated West for graduate school, earning his Master of Architecture from Montana State University in Bozeman. With his freshly-minted degree, he scored an internship with JLF & Associates in 1999, and has since risen through the ranks to become a Partner. In managing projects ranging from small guest houses to ranches and resort facilities, he works closely with clients and team members from programming through construction to make every project a banner success. Beyond his credentials as an architect, he is also a LEED Accredited Professional and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Jake and his wife, Stacey, spend their summers camping in Montana’s beautiful backcountry. In the winter, they enjoy traveling to more distant locations.

JLF Architects Design Build Firm Montana


Over the course of a decade at JLF, Travis has displayed a rare drive in his architecture practice, the desire to work closely with clients and his design-build partners to create an experience rooted in tradition and place. A graduate of Montana State University with a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Master’s of Architecture, he values creativity and the skill required to turn inspired ideas into treasured realities. A third generation Montanan, Travis grew up in a small town in north-central Montana, amid the value system of exploring the mountains as a family, a legacy he continues to uphold with his wife and three children by logging time together skiing Bridger Bowl and Big Sky, rafting one of the many mighty rivers around Bozeman or biking down a local trail.


The work speaks for itself. And yet, we appreciate when the media helps amplify its voice.

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