A walkway inside the Hidden Lake residence in Tennessee is warmed by the reclaimed hewn posts and beams as the sun-dappled water reflects from the ceiling made from old barn wood.

Architectural design often defines interior spaces vis-a-vis the volume of a room, the height of a ceiling, through visible structural elements, and through the finishes on walls and floors. Since our signature is to incorporate reclaimed and recycled materials blended with contemporary materials into most of our residential projects, JLF’s designs also affect a home by adding natural tone and texture. The color of stone harvested from Montana’s plains or reclaimed wood planks that were once a barn, the handwrought metal and even the line of a steel window frame — these tones and textures often set the course of home’s aesthetic. Each element establishes a connection to nature, to history, to a reverence for organic things.

Tactile, sensual, stolid and weathered by time, these materials create focal points in a room and can even define the way each of us lives in space. Something as simple as whether a floor is constructed of stone or wood can determine whether the owner goes barefoot or wears slippers. The expanse of a window that captures natural light as it changes throughout the day dictates the comfort of a room. Access to a view that centers on water, mountains or abroad landscape ultimately sets the mood for space, be it serene or invigorating.

Mountain home in Wyoming

The cool wash of slate and cut stone set a peaceful tone to this mountain home in Wyoming.

Modern farmhouse

Big airy windows and a vaulted ceiling create a warm and exuberant living area in this modern farmhouse in upstate New York.

Dining room

Immersed in the natural environment of Wyoming’s serene landscape, this home features a dining room that bridges a creek with accordion-style doors that open to both sides.

Glass, metal, stone, wood. These structural components are more than functional, they are sculptural. Combined within the construction of a house each element coalesces to create an environment that is beautiful, livable and comfortable, as well as unique to its owner and its place.

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