JLF SIGNATURE ELEMENTS: Rooms with Views—Kitchens

A kitchen as conservatory within a transformed farmstead in the hills of Pennsylvania.

Blessed with stunning settings, we site every room with vistas in mind, including kitchens. Oft-overlooked as functional spaces, kitchens—in our credo—serve as communal cores of our residential designs, therefore we endow them with as much care as the more glamorous great room and intimate master. We listen to how you live, and many of our clients fancy themselves foodies (as do we).

Valley Run

Our transformation of an early 19th century Dutch farmstead, nestled in the hillside of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, revealed luminescent layers: Dramatically capped by a skylight, the kitchen channels a greenhouse, with plants thriving both within and without the encircling windows. A culinary enclave awash in light and inspiration.

Home of the Year

A symphony of contrast: Sturdy steel beams juxtapose the reclaimed wood ceilings and American chestnut floors, as well as the opaque white glass fronting the kitchen’s custom frameless cabinetry. A bold take on rustic meets contemporary. “We wanted something unusual yet practical, powerful yet transparent,” Bertelli says. “It’s the iPhone in the room.”

Twin Creeks

We celebrate the texture of historic homesteads: To honor the rich history of the frontier ranch that once occupied this panoramic site, we created a family residence in the form of a string of cabins, connected yet private. Each structure shares a barn aesthetic, with reclaimed wood and dry-stacked stone accented by hand-forged elements like the pendants punctuating the kitchen. A room, a retreat filled with grace and gravitas.

ABOUT JLF ARCHITECTS: Building timeless structures rooted in eloquence and elegance, Jackson- and Bozeman-based JLF Architects sources authentic materials and regional solutions to create place-based houses reflective of their contexts, whether that be the Rocky Mountains or the Eastern Seaboard. Our award-winning portfolio features inspired custom designs achieved through a genuine alliance with Big-D Signature, built over 17 years of collaboration. Our streamlined process unites passionate architects with dedicated builders to enable the collective imagination of visionary artisans working with visionary clients. For more information, visit www.JLFArchitects.com.
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