Terraced Tennesee lakeside patio is wrapped in stone stretching toward glassy water

Whether a front porch or a porte cochère, outdoor structures go beyond offering protection from the elements; rather, they offer a connection to the open air. The place that enfolds a home also defines it, with contour and context, along with a lakeside or in the mountains. While stalwart walls and the span of a roof provide shelter, the surrounding environment is the élan of an outdoor room.

To that end, these spaces have the allure of being in the outdoors with the added comfort of indoor luxury. They serve as gathering spaces – the pergola with a table to dine al fresco, the firepit for hot toddies or the private nook to enjoy the views. Each space extends the season as we move from sweet summer to chill autumn and swiftly to winter’s edge.


The shade of a weathered pergola offers respite from the heat in Dutchess County, New York.


On the cusp of autumn, the screened porch and patio of this Wyoming ranch house let the season linger. Nature wraps the home in tranquility.

The natural materials of this upper-level deck deepen the connection to the landscape. Snow on distant peaks doesn’t hinder time spent in this perch, awash with the aroma of pines.

Creating these spaces is more than decorating, it’s about integrating materials into the landscape. It’s about extending the architectural language from inside to out. In some instances, that process may translate to matching the stone from an indoor hearth to the expanse of a patio, but often it’s more complex than that. It’s about carving out a piece of nature, sculpting it with form and function that will complement the built environment with the best elements.

Dynamic outdoor areas can serve as a focal point for a house. Done right, these living areas cross the threshold seamlessly. These outdoor spaces enhance a home, articulating the essence of what it means to live well.

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