JLF SIGNATURE ELEMENTS: First Impression—Foyers

The Indian Springs foyer sets the tone for the singular experience to come.

As architects, we forge a relationship between people and space, an enduring dynamic that begins with approaching the foyer as the first impression—the chance to induce love at first sight. This pair of entrances epitomize our efforts to make profound connections at the get-go.

Indian Springs

A foyer foreshadowing the textural complexity to come: The translucent glass staircase draws the eye upward, while the reclaimed timber beams framing the entryway introduce the historical notes that contextualize the soaring scale of this contemporary homestead. Layers of intrigue.

Home of the Year

Home of the Year_Mountain living Magazine

Trussed in elegance: The entrance experience at Mountain Living’s 2016 House of the Year evinces the pairing of materiality and modernity that pervades the panoramic residence. Reclaimed beams provide a textural platform for the homeowner’s exquisite collection of midcentury modern furniture, all illuminated by the light pouring through the industrial steel-framed glass front door. A luminous welcome.

ABOUT JLF ARCHITECTS: Building timeless structures rooted in eloquence and elegance, Jackson- and Bozeman-based JLF Architects sources authentic materials and regional solutions to create place-based houses reflective of their contexts, whether that be the Rocky Mountains or the Eastern Seaboard. Our award-winning portfolio features inspired custom designs achieved through a genuine alliance with Big-D Signature, built over 17 years of collaboration. Our streamlined process unites passionate architects with dedicated builders to enable the collective imagination of visionary artisans working with visionary clients. For more information, visit www.JLFArchitects.com.
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