Alternating the height and form of rooflines throughout the design minimized the volume of the house.

Invoking heritage materials to honor the pioneering past of the Rocky Mountain West is inherent to JLF Architects design-build projects in the region.

Consider Forest Edge nestled into a mature pine and spruce forest outside of Jackson, Wyoming. The permanence of stone was essential in the owner’s vision for the house.

The honesty of stone, wood and glass allows the architecture to enhance the landscape.

A connection to the landscape was also at the top of the list. Guided by these elements, JLF incorporated industrial steel windows to form walls of glass that fill the voids between stout stone walls. A small transparent hall connects the main living area to the cozy, understated master suite built from a reclaimed homestead cabin.

The azure upholstery and subtle curves within the furnishings offset the rustic textures of the stone and reclaimed beams in the living room.

Inside, a collection of work from regional artists grounds the home with a sense of place. A blend of streamlined Eastern heritage with rustic form shows in the cabinets and doors, which were inspired by Arts & Crafts woodworking. Simplicity reigns throughout the house, allowing the authentic quality of the materials to remain central.

Honoring the forest, layered landscape design features stone walls and outdoor living spaces that wrap around standing trees accentuate privacy.

Working to preserve stands of trees during construction cultivated the natural serenity of the outdoor spaces. As filtered light washes the house throughout the day, the connection to the surrounding environment creates a peaceful retreat.

Pops of color within the interior design serve to heighten the tone and texture of the rustic materials in the architecture.

Choosing subtlety over grandeur, views from the living room stretch toward Sleeping Indian mountain. Punctuating the neutrals of wood, stone and metal, the interior designer added a soft elegance expressed in velvet and satin furnishings with a color palette of azure and amethyst. Layered color over the natural materials created a contemporary blend of old and new.

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