Consider bunk beds. The idea instantly conjures an image for each of us. Whether of the cramped agony of sleeping in the same room as your kid brother or the nostalgia of summer camp, there is no denying the bunk bed is synonymous with childhood. And no matter your memory of the bunk, there is one thread we all can relate to: sharing.

This Wyoming bunkroom was designed with contemporary lines and practical features that will grow as the children mature over time.

Sharing a bedroom with anyone is intimate, but to share a bunkbed is special. It comes with a code, unwritten, but universal. I call top bunk! The top is the best spot in the setup, but the bottom has the most control. Keep still up there! A poke from below can make or break a restful night. No adults allowed. It can have the feeling of a fort or an alcove that adds comfort.

The bunkroom is where secrets are exchanged, ghost stories are recited, pillow fights rule and giggles are nonstop.

Rustic or refined materials reflect design choices, but the essence of the bunkbed remains as a milestone of childhood.

From a Design-Build perspective, the bunkroom is a place to be playful. Whimsy is the tenet that guides our designs, whether the theme is rustic or modern. A space with bunk beds requires consideration for all the built-in details from start to finish, including comfort, privacy, reading lamps, shelving and storage.

Maximizing space is a hallmark of the bunkroom; this guest suite comfortably fits visitors of all ages.

Though the bunk bed is about fun, our artisans approach it with the same serious attention to detail that is applied to every other part of a home. The bunkroom provides an opportunity to create design details that are a twist from the rest of the house. Reclaimed and recycled materials can be integrated into the design, along with color or effects that can make the space feel personal. And each bunk space is one-of-a-kind based on the way it’s tucked into the house.

A serene guest house belies the promise of sleepovers, pillow fights and stacked bunkbeds.

It’s a place where memories are solidified with rest. A retreat that is cozy and safe. The ultimate kid zone, where the folly of childhood lingers. For our team, imagining, understanding and creating these spaces for families is part of the reward. We envision these rooms as part of each house’s legacy, built to stand for generations, built to keep the memories alive.

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