DESIGN VISION: Inspired By The Work Of Our Nyc-Based Collaborator

With summer fast approaching, we are stacking up the books we plan to read en plein air. Topping our pile is the ever-inspiring hardcover from our kindred collaborator, New York-based interior designer Markham Roberts. Having marveled at Markham’s ability to complement—not compete—with the Big Sky residence designed by our own Paul Bertelli (and recently featured in Architectural Digest), we find ourselves doubly impressed by the diversity of projects within the 260 pages of Decorating the Way I See It. Every page boasts beautiful photography and fresh prose, indicative of the inventive mind of its author.

Respected for his stylistic fluency, Markham has mastered the art of visual balance by pairing traditional and contemporary pieces to achieve a natural layering of personality and place. Mirroring his projects, the book follows his design process, moving from the inside out. To start, he begins with the basics: floor plan and furniture layout, palette and textiles, furniture and art. Then, he moves on to consider context—the architecture, landscaping and gardens—underscoring the interrelationship between all elements. Ultimately, he assembles the pieces together in his examination of his own country house, a 19th century gentleman’s farm in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Whether approaching his own home or the Big Sky lodge we designed, Markham nails a distinctive tone for each project. What’s more, he takes the time to get to know the client and the architecture—an intimacy and ease felt in his interiors.

When describing our Montana collaboration, Markham cast his role with humility and grace, in deference to our design. “My goal in Montana was to add softness and texture without competing with the incredible architecture,” he told Architectural Digest. “I am never shy of expressing an opinion, but here I had absolutely nothing to say. The building made everything I did look great.”

And so does his book: Decorating the Way I See It makes Markham designs look great, a true-to-life representation of one of today’s great designers.

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