For 2020, the buzz in interior design and décor is about rekindling the connection to natural materials. JLF Architects is featured in the just-released January 2020 issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine in an article, “Into the Wood,” showcasing the use of wood in contemporary design.

“Whether it’s alder, pine, weathered, or maple, the natural beauty of wood reclaims its place in the home this year,” declares Cowboys & Indians.

The new January 2020 issue of Cowboys & Indians includes a focus on what’s new in Western design, including the use of multiple types and textures of wood, a signature of JLF Architects, spotlighted as an example.

In this JLF Architects’ Jackson, Wyoming, kitchen, featured in the new issue of Cowboys & Indians, natural light brings out the distinct textures of refined and rustic wood.

JLF Architects’ use of reclaimed wood creates a strong entrance in the interior of the Jackson Hole house in a carefully curated mix of tones and textures.

The article pictures the kitchen of a Jackson, Wyoming, home designed by JLF’s John Lauman, where “reclaimed oak cabinets and hand-hewn ceiling timbers imbue the light-filled contemporary space with cabin-like nostalgia,” writes Cowboys & Indians.

This JLF Architects-designed lakeside Tennessee retreat beautifully incorporates reclaimed wood throughout the house.

“Reclaimed materials give a sense of permanence and inherent history,” Lauman tells the magazine.

For 40 years, JLF Architects has lauded the use of wood in architecture, pioneering the creative use of reclaimed timber in new construction in decades of heirloom houses created in design-build partnership with Big-D Signature. Designing around the enduring quality of reclaimed and recycled wood is more than a trend by JLF standards, where building structures that stand the test of time – whether in the Rocky Mountains, coastal California or the rolling hills of Upstate New York – is a hallmark of the firm.

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