In the Shadow of the Tetons

Audrey Hall

Western Art & Architecture

June/July 2023

It’s hard to imagine a structure, no matter how elegantly designed, that can rival the staggering beauty and majesty of the Grand Tetons. When building a home near one of North America’s most iconic mountain ranges, it’s best to defer to the landscape. This was the approach JLF Architects took when hired by [a couple] to design their home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a short distance from the entrance to Grand Teton National Park,” writes Western Art & Architecture. The home is an example of JLF’s place-based architecture, “which responds to the topography, culture, climate, and history of the building’s setting.” As the homeowner tells the magazine, “The amount of time JLF spent understanding how the sun moves over the mountain, and the timing of it, had a lot to do with how we positioned the house,” sited on a lot “with mountain views and a creek that created a natural boundary to the west.

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