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Summer 2023

Paul Bertelli, design principal, president, and partner at JLF Architects, designed this desk, which is one of a matched set, and filing cabinets for an office in a Jackson Hole residence. Both pieces echo some of the contemporary elements that were already part of the home. The 3/4-inch glass top of this desk is the same glass used for the treads in a three-story glass staircase. The steel-trimmed, reclaimed-oak-front desk drawers are similar to the cabinetry in the home’s kitchen. The glass-fronted filing cabinets kitty-corner from the desk are topped in steel, just like a counter elsewhere in the home. “The desks are not near the stairs or the kitchen, but they are reminders to [the homeowners] that there is continuity,” Bertelli says. “Usually there are pieces that are critical to the architecture in every project,” he says. “When we have the opportunity to design these critical pieces, especially when there are interesting materials that we’re working within other parts of a building that we can use, they can enhance the space, to extreme levels.”

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