Building The West

C&I Cover Aug. 2022

(Photo: Audrey Hall)

Cowboys & Indians

August / September 2022

A coffee-table book from one of “the country’s top architectural firms” shows off “an array of innovative projects that elevate the built environment of the West,” writes Cowboys & Indians in the magazine’s review of the new JLF/Big-D Signature book Foundations: Houses by JLF Architects. “According to JLF, it’s important to get specific about what you love about the land today and the things you need from your home on a daily basis,” the magazine continues, sharing this excerpt from the book’s Foreword by author, filmmaker and conservationist John Heminway: “[The aim is to build a home where] inside and out, you will feel better, be better. If your office lies elsewhere, here you will do your finest work. If you are an artist, here you will float. If you need nature, here it surrounds. If you are a family, this will be the home of the heart.”

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