Why it’s different

JLF Design Build works because our company is built on a foundation of trust. We trust and expect everyone to make decisions based on our core values of integrity and transparency. We take responsibility for our actions and trust that everyone on our team will do their best work in the interest of our projects and customers. That is a JLF Design Build promise and we strive to deliver it every day.

We believe in:


  • Listening
  • Cost transparency
  • Working hard – getting our hands dirty
  • Earning an “A” on every assignment
  • Innovation and technology
  • Sustainable earth- friendly practice
  • Lifetime learning
  • Celebration, humor, and having fun

"In the twenty-five years that I have been around in the architectural door
business, I can count on one hand how many architects are at a high level of quality concern. JLF Design Build basically does a mini architectural job on the door itself. They will design the door right down to the individual boards and their placement.”

Stilewood International