Giving Back

JLF & Associates’ approach to philanthropy is as thoughtful, complex, and dedicated to beauty as their architectural work. Their goal with philanthropy is for it to allow inspiration to become reality.




They believe their business is a process, not a product, and their giving is motivated by the same understanding. Both partners and staff, who make up the JFA Charitable Fund Gifting Committee, participate in the philanthropic decision-making process. The partners of JLF & Associates believe they are lucky to do what they do and giving back only enriches the experience. “We are interested in becoming more connected, in becoming better designers, better businesspeople, better citizens, and in contributing to our collective quality of life.” The JFA Charitable Fund is dedicated to helping foster innovative programs, initiatives, and ideas which enhance the community and the region surrounding us. The geographical interests of the fund are directly related to the love and dedication the owners and employees of JLF & Associates feel for this unique place. The JFA Charitable Fund is dedicated to supporting organizations that promote awareness in areas of interest including education, environment, conservation, quality of life, stewardship, responsible growth, and sustainable communities. The JFA Charitable Fund recognizes the extraordinary needs of our community. We believe in the power and synergistic nature of giving. We hope to nurture, by example, the joy and responsibility of this endeavor.